If you can dream it,we’ll build it..

SMS Design and Performance was built on the cornerstone of being a world class performance workshop. We aim to provide the Middle East with international standards of workmanship. We specialize in automotive solutions – engine build and tuning, customization, restoration, ground-up car build, painting or any high-end services you may require for your sports or hobby cars. Our state-of-the-art facility caters to all your automotive needs under one roof. Whether to help you build your performance street car, help restore a classic or to get you faster around a racetrack, if you can dream it, we’ll build it.’

Basic Service & Maintenance

At SMS, we perform exceptional work executed with high quality and services.
Our package for all basic service include:

  • Replacement – Engine Oil
  • Replacement – Oil Filter
  • Replacement – Air Filter
  • Replacement – Fuel Filter
  • Replacement – Cabin Filter
  • Replacement – Spark Plugs
  • Inspect and / Refill – Brake Fluid / Clutch Fluid
  • Inspect and / Refill – Power Steering Fluid
  • Inspect and / Refill – Automatic / Manual Transmission
  • Inspect and / Replace – Brake Pads / Liners, Brake Discs / Drums
  • Inspect and / Replace – Timing Belt / Chain if needed
  • Inspect – Tires
  • Inspect for Error Codes in the ECU and take corrective action
  • Grease and Lubricate components
  • Wash the vehicle and clean interiors

Performance Parts Installation

We specialize in sourcing and installing all kinds of aftermarket performance parts available for your vehicle. Our on-site experienced staff will help you with your build, be it to tear up the streets or to help you achieve a fast track lap-time. Our installation services include:

  • Forced Induction parts/kits (Turbo, superchargers, pulleys, etc.)
  • Performance Injectors and Fuel Rail
  • Performance Suspension and suspension components
    (Coil-overs, Control arms, Performance Bushings, etc)
  • Methanol and Nitrous Kits
  • Performance Intakes (filters, manifolds etc)
  • Performance Exhaust and Exhaust components
  • Valve controlled Exhaust systems
  • Headers
  • Fuel System and Fuel Cell
  • and much more…

Engine Rebuild

Our goal here at SMS is to provide our valued customers with the best engine combinations to fit their application. We build custom race engines to fit just about every application. We can take about any idea and build you an engine to fit your specific need, and custom design a package that works for your application. Our services for engine rebuild include:

  • Rebuild/Overhaul Engine and transmission
  • Installation of rings, pistons and rods
  • Installation of custom camshafts
  • Installation of custom crankshafts
  • Installation of custom heads

Full Service Race car Build and Preparation

Having the worlds fastest street v8 in the world and other track monsters in our inventory, we are no strangers to race cars. We take racing very seriously and offer our customers quality work which will showcase why we are one of the best in the region. Our services include:

  • Fabrication/Installation of certified roll cages
  • Fabrication/Installation of fuel cell
  • Fabrication/Installation of custom mounts and brackets
  • Installation of Track spec suspension
  • Corner Weight
  • Weight Reduction
  • and much more


We take pride on our fabrication. Our shop houses some of the best fabricators/technicians utilizing the best equipment available. We have over a decade of automotive experience and building custom performance components such as:

  • Custom Exhaust and Exhaust systems
  • Custom Fuel cell
  • Custom Mounts and brackets
  • Custom Roll Cage
  • Custom Piping for intercooler
  • and much more.


We specialize in restoring classic cars. For over a decade we have been helping our customers complete their classic builds. Our special technicians will breathe life into your classic, taking the time and resources necessary to make your classic show quality with modern functionality. Our services include:

  • Full frame-off restoration
  • Drive train rebuild
  • Reproduction and Custom metal fabrication
  • Interiors
  • Suspension rebuild/Upgrade
  • Disk Brake conversion
  • Wiring
  • Modern Ac unit conversion
  • and much more

Paint & Body Custom Airbrush Artwork

Looking to get a custom helmet or custom artwork for your project? SMS has got you covered. Our in-house airbrush artist will take care of your wildest imagination and bring out more that expected results. If you can dream it, we can paint it.

SMS Dyno

At SMS, we offer a complete dyno tuning solution for ultimate performance. Our Mainline All-Wheel-Drive dyno can properly dyno any car. With its state-of-the-art dyno logging capabilities, it out performs any dyno system in the industry, as far as rock solid steady state mode (maintain a fixed road speed or engine rpm point) and completely linear ramp testing capabilities, which ensures repeatable engine and driveline thermodynamics, and produces 100% repeatable result which are simulated under real road conditions.

Advantages and Benefits of SMS Dyno

  • Data Logging of Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, O2 Sensors, Air Temp, etc..
  • Complete control over all engine setup parameters, including boost control, fuel delivery, ignition timing and air flow.
  • Before and After Video of each dyno tune session
  • Knowledge on the best aftermarket systems such as MoTec, AEM, UpRev, Haltech, ProEFi and much more

Strong Vendor Network

Garner from the benefits of our longstanding relationships with a variety of vendors both locally and around the world. We know where to find the best of what you need, for the right price. We are also an authorized dealer for a host of performance parts, material and accessories.

In-House Capabilities

We have the equipment, tools, and field specific technicians to perform almost every aspect of a full frame-off build under our own roof. We provide expertise, oversight, coordination, and quality control every step of the way, from initial tear down to final shake down.

Hands on Communication

Once your build gets started, our staff will keep you notified as your build goes on. Our in-house media team will also send you via email, a complete picture album of your build.

Dedicated Work Environment

At our state-of-the-art facility, work is divided into areas for each phase of work, including mechanical work/assembly, welding/fabrication, dyno tune, paint and body. Your project will get the focus needed for each specialized process as it moves through the shop from start to finish.

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